Support, encouragement, and tools for success as an AEC proposal writer

You’re responsible for strategizing, writing, designing, and producing AEC proposals.


Which makes you a very special kind of marketing professional.


Deadlines are tight, pressure is high, and cooperation is often hard to find. You’re expected to create magic, woo clients, and turn ‘nothing special’ into ‘something extraordinary.’ All without breaking a sweat.


If this sounds like your life, welcome to the Club that’s exclusively for you!


Welcome to a group of peers who are in your corner, supporting you, and sharing the tools and resources that will lead to your success all the while helping you stay sane.

Life as a proposal writer can be pretty stressful as you respond to RFPs, develop win strategies, write creatively and persuasively, create appealing graphic designs, beg for timely information, manage your libraries, and a thousand other tasks that fall under your responsibility.


But, as a Member of the Proposal Writers Studio, you are suddenly surrounded and supported by a group of like-minded peers and professionals who have your back and want to help you excel in your job while keeping your sanity.

  • Every week you’ll enjoy new and valuable tips, tricks and tools that you can use to make your job easier and more successful.
  • Every month you’ll participate in a live group coaching call with veteran AEC marketing guru, David Stone, who will tackle a particular topic and then answer your questions about writing better proposals and raising your hit rate.

David Stone

This is a brand-new initiative for both you and me, and I’m inviting a very limited number of AEC marketing professionals to be members of the Proposal Writers Studio.


For a mere $29 per month, you can become part of an exclusive club that is designed to provide you with the support, resources and assistance that will transform you into the best Proposal Writer you can possibly be.


Enrollment in the Club is currently closed. But it will reopen later this fall. Please add your name to the Waitlist and you will be the first to hear when enrollment reopens.

In the Proposal Writers Studio you’ll discover new and better approaches for

  • Go/No Go decisions

  • Win strategies

  • Writing techniques

  • Graphic design

  • Writing in teams

  • Hardware and software tools

  • Library and database organization

  • Quality control

  • Avoiding burnout

And you’ll also enjoy surprise monthly bonuses that will give you the tools, the skills and the confidence to be comfortable and capable as a master proposal writer.

You’re about to join a growing community of like-minded proposal writers who are facing the same challenges as you. A group of AEC marketing professionals who want to help their firms win a steady supply of profitable projects while advancing their careers.

  • You are NOT alone on this path

  • You do NOT need to feel overwhelmed

  • You do NOT need to drown in deadlines

  • You WILL be guided into expanded expertise

  • And you WILL become an extraordinary proposal writer

The Proposal Writers Studio was established exclusively for you. Join today and crush those proposals.

To your success!

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