Guidance, support and a clear path to success

for technical and design professionals who also have to sell

The AEC profession has accomplished incredible things and made huge contributions to society.

​But we have yet to find a way to successfully and predictably transform a talented technical professional into a confident, comfortable and capable business developer.
The transition can be scary, overwhelming and intimidating. It’s filled with myths and misinformation and it forces most technical professionals WAY outside their comfort zone.
It doesn’t happen by learning a new skill. It comes from a significant shift of mindset, worldview and priorities.

Which is why blüStone Marketing has launched a brand new, breakthrough process to guide technical and design professionals through this career transformation.

  • A process that carefully, gradually, guides you along a growth path that is designed uniquely around your personal strengths and weaknesses

  • A process that carefully, gradually, guides you along a growth path that is designed uniquely around your personal strengths and weaknesses

  • A process that is intentionally prepared to guide you, step-by-step, from where you are now, to where you want to be

  • A process that stays with you, guiding you into, through and beyond this transition, and then has your back as you embarked on this new phase of your career

  • A process that surrounds you with a supportive community of other technical professionals who are also carry the responsibility of a seller-doe

  • A process that costs less than you spend on coffee each week

The Seller Doer Success Club is for technical professionals who want to become

comfortable, confident and capable in their role as business developer.
The Club provides guidance, support and a clear path to success as a Seller Doer.

This path has four steps.


The first step in arriving at any destination is to know your starting point. And it’s not nearly enough to simply declare someone (or yourself) to be intro- or extro-verted. The Seller Doer Success Club will walk you through a detailed analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses, your optimum business development aptitude and style and the best path forward to success.

Growth Plan

Driving a square peg into a round hole is damaging to both. In this phase, you’ll be guided to prepare your own Personal Business Development Plan that identifies your optimum approach and contribution to the ‘get work’ process. Your success as a design or technical professional has been uniquely your own. Why would your success as a Seller Doer be any different?


Professional athletes have personalized training programs that are designed to coach and guide them to their peak performance. Why should you be any different? Based on the results of your Assessment and your Growth Plan, a personalized knowledge, skills and mindset development program will be prepared just for you. Each week you’ll be given specific lessons and exercises that are designed to capitalize on your strengths and build up the areas that need attention.


You can’t win the game if you don’t keep score. The Seller Doer Success Club is going to guide you to keep score, track progress, stay focused, and ensure that business development success becomes a key performance indicator in your career.
But don’t be concerned about being overwhelmed. I know that you’ve got your hands more than full in your role as a Doer so every step is carefully designed and timed to have minimal impact on your busy schedule.

Here’s what you will get as a Member of the Seller Doer Success Club:

  • A personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) assessment with regard to your business development profile

  • A Personal Business Development Plan

  • Weekly tips, lessons and BD skill development exercises that you can do in less than 30 minutes

  • Monthly group coaching call for Club Members focusing on a particular aspect of Business Development

  • An accountability plan to help you stay focused, track your progress and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself

  • A community of like-minded Seller-Doers who will encourage and support you in this new phase of your career

  • Surprise monthly bonuses that will give you the tools, the skills and the confidence to be comfortable and capable in your Seller Doer role

​You’re about to acquire the skills and the mindset that are required for success as a Seller Doer. You’re about to join a growing community of like-minded seller-doers who are facing the same challenges as you.

You’re going to be carefully guided, step-by-step along a well-defined path.

  • You will NOT be overwhelmed

  • You will NOT be subject to pressure, bad jokes or guilt trips.

  • You WILL be eased into your expanded comfort zone.

  • And you WILL become a successful Seller Doer.

You didn’t choose this career so that you could sell. But it turns out to be part of the deal.
You’ve crushed everything you’ve done so far. Now it’s time to crush this.
To your success!

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