blüStone Marketing's Signature Online Training Program

If you are looking to build your firm’s brand, manage a strong business development program, increase your hit rate and keep clients coming back with more projects, then The Marketing Course is the place for you and your best and brightest team members.

blüStone Marketing is pleased to offer The Marketing Course. This unprecedented program, prepared exclusively for those with responsibilities for bringing work into an AEC firm, covers all the knowledge you need to plan, execute and manage a marketing and business development effort. Additionally, it serves as an excellent preparatory course in advance of the CPSM (Certified Professional Services Marketer) exam.  

The Marketing Course is completely self-scheduled and self-paced.

You will be sent the files for one module per week, but you can complete them on your own schedule.

Why This Course?

The Marketing Course provides participants with a complete understanding of and competence in the strategies and tactics needed to successfully position, promote and sell AEC services.

Whether a Marketing Coordinator new to the business, an emerging leader wanting to become familiar with the marketing function, or an experienced marketer preparing for a CPSM certification, this program covers AEC marketing from A to Z.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Know the full spectrum of activities involved in winning a steady supply of work for a professional design firm

  • Be able to plan and manage an integrated marketing, business development and sales program for a professional design firm

  • Know the difference between Positioning, Branding, Business Development, Sales and Customer Service and how each complements the others

  • Increase both hit rate and ROI on a professional design firm's marketing efforts

  • Be able to contribute both strategically and tactically to a professional design firm’s ‘get work’ program

Participants who pass the exam will receive a certificate of completion and competence in AE Marketing from blüStone Marketing.

Course Contents

The program is delivered over a six-week period, with one, two-hour, online class per week.
The material is divided into six modules:


The Marketing Course is completely self-scheduled and self-paced.

You will be sent the files for one module per week, but you can complete them on your own schedule.


Each module is divided into a series of individual tutorials on micro-topics in AEC marketing. The tutorials are:

Module 1. Marketing Positioning, Planning and Administratio


Research And Analysis

Marketing Administration

Marketing Planning

Module 2. Brand Building

Introduction To Branding

Branding Tools

Branding Plan

Module 3. Business Development

What is business development

The business development proces

Business development skill

Getting everyone involved in business development

Module 4. Proposals And Presentations

The Go/No Go Decision

Developing a win strateg

Module 5. Proposals And Presentations (con't)

The Proposal Document


Module 6. Client Service And Feedbacks

Client Service


Valuable Bonus Marketing Tools

In addition to learning the content, you will also get a complete set of marketing tools, guidelines, checklists and templates that you can use to manage the marketing program of any professional design firm

Marketing Positioning, Planning and Administration

Brand Building

Brand Building (con't)

Proposals and Presentations

Business Development

Client Service and

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